Intro to Sitecore: Setup a Sitecore Solution (Video)

Today I finally created my first video which you can watch below.  It was a little rough around the edges and this first video was rather long.  But it gets the point across.  I’m hoping to release more videos (preferably shorter and to the point – less than 10 minutes)  in the future.

The purpose of this first video was to describe how you would create a solution for your Sitecore project.  But it also describes some of the work you might need to do to setup your environment for an existing website project that another developer has configured.  I can not stress how awesome SIM (Sitecore Instance Manager) is for the development process.  It’s also an important part of making CI (Continuous Integration) and automated deployments work seamlessly.

My next video will more than likely be only one of the following topics:

  • Setting up Glass with TDS
  • Setting up Unicorn
  • Creating a simple Controller Rendering

I’m hoping the next video will be all demonstration and remove the need for the power point slides.  So please check it out, and let me know what you think.