Sitecore Marketplace Packages

Below is a list of modules that I’ve uploaded to the Sitecore marketplace.  I have several active developments via my Github (since all the modules I deploy are visible on the marketplace but are also available as open source projects).  Please if you have an idea for a module, let me know, maybe we can collaborate on it’s development.

True Dynamic Placeholders (Marketplace) – Built upon the notes from my Blog series on the topic.  The major issue related to a majority of the dynamic placeholders currently on the marketplace, is that they require a naming convention that includes a number or rendering id such as _1 or _{guid}.  This actually works fine, but only for those that work in the Experience Editor.  However this starts to have issues when you start working with the PLD via the Content Editor.  If you need to reorder a rendering or remove a rendering, than you start to have problems, and it can take time making any of those actions.