Status Update

So this blog will provide more as an update of recent events and more of an overview of my contributions to the community over the last few months.  My focus has shifted away from writing articles.  I mean they are a great method of communication, but I don’t enjoy creating them as much as I enjoy creating video content.  Also I feel video content is 10 times more useful than written content.  I still plan to write more blog entries, but I want to focus them on unique topics and focus less on how to training, just because my videos now focus more on how to, vs unique content.

So in the next few months you should start to see more blog articles coming out.  I have a mini vacation coming up in a few weeks that should help with that.  I plan to be off the grid a little bit (don’t worry I’ll have videos schedules while I’m disconnected) but I will be in the great state of Colorado hiking and writing content.  I also want to create more blog entries while I’m on vacation and roll out those entries over the next few months.

Beyond the blog entries, for those that aren’t aware, I have been active on my YouTube Channel, posting several new entries every week.  I have a huge list of topics that I’m slowly ticking off as I create new content.  I plan to do advanced topics and basic topics, so please keep an eye out for more content from me as I go.  If I can keep at it, I could produce more content on YouTube than anyone else.  I’d also like to start doing some live webinar events soon.  Obviously I would tackle more advanced topics in those sessions.  If you have interest in me doing a Webinar, please let me know.

Last month I also was involved in the Sitecore Hackathon.  Team “We do it for the cookies”.  It was alot of fun, but turns out we were disqualified.  Why you ask? Well because we failed to produce a video, because we focused the 24 hours of the hackathon on actually building something usable.  Yeah you probably can tell I’m a little frustrated with that result, especially since I wasn’t told that not having a video would cause us to get disqualified until after the hackathon.  If that was a point for disqualification, that should be written in the rules, but it wasn’t.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to convince my team mates to do it again next year, if the judging committee is allowed to come up with new rules after the event.  Either way, we built a component that has a real use.  We probably did something more than most teams, which is build something that we can place on the marketplace right away, whereas everything else, hadn’t gotten that far, and they built more concepts that usable implementations.  It was a learning experience.  I had never built anything with Speak, now I can say I have.  I’ve also never built a full fledged working component that I can install in any Sitecore environment.  Now I can say I have.  We haven’t added it to the marketplace yet, but I will be working on convincing the team to add it there soon.  I will add a place into my profile that links to my submissions of components for the marketplace.

Having said that, I have uploaded and completed a new module for the marketplace this weekend.  Basically my concept for the True Dynamic Placeholders is now on the marketplace.  Well it’s actually still going through the review process.

I have several more ideas for components for the marketplace, so I need to find a place on this site to list these ideas that I’m putting together.  I have a really good idea to enhance the marketplace and enhance the installation process for these components, but making it a reality will present a bunch of issues.  If I successfully build this idea, I can see Sitecore stealing it pretty quickly, which would suck but be flattering to some degree as well.  Would be nice if they gave me credit if I did build it and they do end up taking the idea.  But I think the idea would totally change the way packages work, and make things a lot easier than they are currently.

So getting quite active.  I must admit I started because I saw the benefit that becoming an MVP would have, but contributing all this content, actually is quite enjoyable.  I have a small group of those that don’t know much about Sitecore that keep reaching out to me to thank me, and to also encourage me to continue to contribute.  I guess I’m slowly turning into a mini celebrity in the Sitecore community.  I will keep it up, because I enjoy giving back.