Sitecore Symposium – Day Two – So Much Knowledge

Hi Everyone, well today I attended a full day of sessions on Sitecore plus the keynotes.  It was a day of learning, I just wish I could’ve dug a little deeper into some of the topics.  Some of the favorite breakout sessions were on xConnect and Azure with Sitecore.  Sitecore had already tried doing an Azure setup in the past, but they learned from their mistakes and I feel this time will be different.  I’m looking forward to playing with the ARM templates once that’s released.

Really looking forward to the course on DevOps tomorrow.  There’s several key initives I’m trying to take right now with my own growth as well as helping the company I work for.  This is one of those.  I’m also stuck in a scenario where I’m not sure what to do about the whole Accelerator options currently available.  So met with a technical resource with BrainJocks Score this morning and already have a somewhat good understanding of SxA, but each one seems to have it’s own negatives.  BrainJocks doesn’t really use an ORM and tries to handle this via something custom, which I don’t really agree with that approach, but atleast it runs on Bootstrap.  However SxA does not run on Bootstrap.  Which is probably one of the big reasons you wouldn’t want to use it.  If you believe in trying to use Helix principles when building Sitecore sites (as Sitecore recommends), then clearly SxA is the best option, whereas Score does not but it has issues where it confines you to certain technology implementations that might vary for your organization.

I think what I’d like from an Accelerator, is one that supports Bootstrap at a minimum, but is also pretty flexible to be modified.  Its probably a good idea if it uses Helix, since it really seems to be a good pattern for building Sitecore sites.  And then implementing the serialization or ORM that you need (so it’s abstract and doesn’t depend on a specific one).

So I think an Accelerator should be something you can easily add to something existing, but none of these sound like they will work that well with existing.  Course even what I consider would be a good Accelerator, which would include Helix, would there in itself have issues because it would rely on using Helix, which since it’s a fairly new concept, it’s really tough to judge if that’ll be popular or not.

One last thought before I wrap up this blog post.  Habitat is not a Startup Kit.  It’s just an example of how to do Helix.  If you are building a site that will Helix, you should not start with Habitat as the base, you should instead start with a bare minimum structure and add in things that make sense.  Lastly, I found the keynote by Jason Silva inspiring, but some of his thoughts were flawed, especially those related to how technology and human creation mirrors nature.  Yes there are examples that are true, but alot of the example he gave, where examples where something humans created mirror other things that humans created.  And for those things that are Natural, those don’t necessarily mean anything, just the human mind trying to see patterns in random data.

Sitecore Symposium party tonight, should be alot of fun.  Pretty much down to a day remaining.  Wish there were more sessions so I could continue learning.