Sitecore MVP Reflection

Tonight I was thinking and reflecting on why I choose to give back to the community while I was working on a new project to build a dynamic placeholder component in Helix that would eventually include a lot more than just dynamic placeholders but overall rendering enhancements. So why do I give back? It originally started as a way that I could advance my career, but I think it’s starting to become more than that. So those that don’t know, but I tried pretty hard last year to be nominated for Sitecore MVP 2017, but was rejected. It sucked, but I realized December to January, that I wasn’t giving back enough and being active enough. Though it’s been an interesting transition because the more active I am, either on Stack Exchange or via Slack, the more I find I enjoy giving back. So I think I should worry less about becoming an MVP, and focus more on the ways I’m giving back.

One area I really would like to get into is public speaking, but I must admit as a pretty big introvert this is a scary thought, but I think I’m progressing that direction. Just recently I started creating videos for the web on various basic topics (although I have plans to do many more videos), plus I’m demoing features etc to customers all the time at Arrow Digital where I work, it’s rather interesting to see me transform into someone with more confidence in what I know. So I’m not sure I’m ready right now, but I hope to continue to morph that direction. I would like to actually do a Webinar soon, because I think it would take me closer to that goal without actually going there. So hopefully that’ll be coming your way soon. Still working on figuring out the topic for that webinar.

Other things I plan to do or well continue doing in 2017 include:

  • Slack Active Participation
  • Continue to Add Videos to YouTube on Introductory topics as well as more advanced topics
  • Community Components
    • I have a massive list of ideas, need to start creating them
  • Stack Exchange and Sitecore Community Activity
  • Twitter Engagement
  • Blogging on Unique Topics

And many more ideas after that, so be on the lookout for more from me this year.  And not worried if I’m not nominated again this year, hopefully I can make some friends and be more active and supporting to new members in this Sitecore community.